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We empower real estate agents to be more productive, grow their business and have enough energy and time left to ENJOY their life. Client satisfaction improves through better communication and ensures are more enjoyable transaction experience.



Transaction Coordinator: [ tran-‘zak-shən kō-ór-də-nā-tər ] noun


Real Estate leverage for the process from listing or contract through closing.

See also: cat herding client concierge, chaos coordinator


Your Cost Effective Leverage Solution

Full- or part-time administrative help is a fixed cost (monthly or hourly), regardless of an agent’s production. Our transaction coordination fee is charged per transaction, at closing – making it more affordable as your business grows. For the amount of time it saves, the benefits far outweigh the cost.


Our team can save the average agent 15 hours per transaction. Daily transaction tasks and chasing signatures interrupt and interfere with the agent’s most important duties – lead generation, writing and negotiating contracts. It’s no secret that frequent task-switching is a productivity killer, and that’s how managing daily transaction tasks for even just a few files can so easily derail an agent’s focus, put their business on the “real estate roller coaster”, and disrupt their work-life balance.


Read more about our services and schedule a call if you’re ready to #LoveYourLeverage. Find out what turns the agents that work with Closing SParks into raving fans, and after switching to our services say things like: 


“What did I do without you?”


“I literally adore you!!”


“What don’t you do?!!? THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!”


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